Current Goals

 GOALS FOR 2014:

Here's a list of goals, in no particular order, I'd like to work on and work towards in the coming year!
I may add and subtract from this list as time moves on.

  • Get My Diabetes Under Control (through diet, exercise and proper medication).
  • Walk 7,500+ Steps Each Day.
  • Keep My Quit! (January 2014 is my 3 1/2 year smoke free mark!)
  • Clean My Apartment. Keep It Clean!
  • Start A Diet.
  • Keep This Blog Updated.
  • Start A New Journal.
  • Pay Off Financial Aid.
  • Find Employment, Or Volunteer. 
  • Continue To Work On And Improve Taking Care Of My Personal Hygiene. 
  • Learn More About My ADHD And How To Work With It (through medication, therapy, and forming new healthy habits).

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