01-24-11 4:25 p.m.

i'd love to get back into photography.
i have a very nice camera with a few lenses that i haven't touched in years. . .it's one thing i want to start back up this summer. . .taking photos (especially of plants and wild life) was just something so exciting to me.
this will just be a page where i'll post any random photos i feel like sharing.

here's a couple from years ago when i was trying to learn how my camera worked:

i have a little over a grand invested in my camera gear. . .i used it for like 2 months, then haven't touched it since.
it's something i've had an interest in since i was a kid. . .why in the heck am i not using my gear?


  1. Get practicing! Then if you come to DC and don't feel like socializing for a while (you know, down time from people) you can take some amazing pics of DC in full bloom! :-)

  2. haha I let my mom use my camera a few months ago and I don't think I'll ever see it again!
    I'm happy for her! She's having a blast with it. . .but I have recently been considering getting back into it a bit.